About Crystal Jade Psychics

Crystal Jade PsychicsCrystal Jade Psychics was created by Jade O’Reily.  Jade is a long time psychic and tarot reader with a passion for all things mystic and unexplained.  She has studied many religions and philosophies such as shamanism and wicca and is open to all sorts of new spiritual experiences

She also studies all aspects of spiritual and energetic work and is a level 3 Reiki master, as well as a certified hypnotherapist.  She uses these skills to help others who come to her for spiritual counseling.

Jade is also a professional tarot reader and specializes in love tarot readings and money tarot readings.  She has helped many people to find their true love and fortunes and has a passion for helping others to recognize the beauty and success within themselves.

She runs her website, crystaljadepsychics.com and writes on the subjects she enjoys most, sharing her knowledge with the internet and the world.  She interacts with her fans through her website, her Facebook page as well as Skype.

On a personal note, Jade loves all sorts of music and can go from Classic Rock to Classical Symphony in a heartbeat.  She is a fan of British TV – loves Downton Abbey, Sherlock and Doctor Who – as well as American TV shows like Elementary, Supernatural, Grimm and Constantine.