Authentic Psychic Readings – Are They Out There?

Getting The Most Authentic Psychic Readings (and Avoiding Scams)

Finding a psychic may be easy, but finding a good one is a much more difficult task. You may discover that dozens of psychics and websites advertise themselves as “The Best”, so how do you know if they are “The One” for you?

I’ve been using psychic reading for nearly a decade now, and I have experimented with almost everything possible when it comes to these. I have tried face-to-face readings, tarot cards, phone psychic readings and so many more. Believe me, I know it all.

So I have made this blog to help you get some genuine answers and avoid some of the pitfalls that I fell into.

Psychic Scams to Avoid

You may hear a lot of supernatural and mystical jargon as soon as you enter this territory. It is important that you know the real from the fake so that you don’t fall into scams.

No Such Thing as Curses – If a psychic informs you that your family is cursed and then duly asks for money to rid you of this horrible curse, RUN, because they aren’t giving you a genuine response. This is probably one of the oldest scams in psychic history, because there is no such thing as a curse!

A Twist of Hearts – If a psychic offers you a love spell in exchange for money to make someone fall in love with you, LAUGH. This is because there is no such thing as a love spell. Psychics can only guide you along the way and help you find “the one”. They are not known for their emotional manipulation skills.

A FREE Reading – While this isn’t a scam, it is a tactic meant to lure you in. A free reading usually only provides vague answers, so if you are looking for specific answers, they will probably start charging you more and before you know it, your FREE reading may have burned a hole in your pocket!