Different Psychic Reading Methods

What Are The Different Psychic Reading Methods

When you imagine a psychic, you might usually imagine a scraggy old woman peering intently into a crystal ball, discerning your future, bit by bit. But surprisingly enough, psychics don’t necessarily all look like that, and the crystal ball is not the only tool for this purpose. There are multiple types of readings that you could opt for. I am going to list these below.

It will help you become more aware of the choices you have and opt for whichever one you would prefer best. But be warned, since there are so many different types and styles of psychic readings, I will only be able to name a few. There are still many kinds you may find that I have not added to the list. But for a first-timer, I believe this should prove helpful.

Astrology: While for many this may bring to mind the little section in your daily newspaper, astrology is much more than that. It is far more specific and complicated. This kind of reading takes into account the place, time and alignment of the stars when you were born in order to determine your potential powers. It then uses this to see the current energy trends and determine what you can use best to your advantage.

Aura Readings: Everybody radiates an energy field around them known as the auric field. This surrounds you and protects you from spiritual and psychic damage. Psychics who work in this field are usually trained in it and can help you get in touch with your friends, family and enemies. They can help you identify those who mean you harm while also aid you to release certain blocks that may be hampering your spiritual and emotional growth.

Cartomancy: This uses deck card to determine your past, present and future. It became extremely popular during the eighteenth century as people used regular deck cards to determine the same. Today, however, special deck cards such as angel cards, divination decks and other types are used in order to perform such a reading.

Channelling: This is a very unique form of psychic reading where the medium is able to assess audio frequencies inaudible to most. Through these they are able to receive information from angels and spirit guides, which is then “channelled” to the client.

Clairvoyance: These are talented individuals with the gift of perceiving images invisible to most. They are able to tap into your energy in order to perceive your past, present and future. Most psychics who conduct readings are blessed with this gift.

Cleromancy: This kind of reading is thousands of years old. It is usually conducted by casting lots. Here the Cleromancer uses objects like dice, stones or bones. The objects are tossed into the air, and the answer is deciphered from the analysis of the manner in which the objects land, depending on their orientation, position and proximity to one another.

The Crystal Ball: This is the most popular image one has of a psychic. It is performed by a psychic who is trained to perceive visions in such an object.

Empathic Readings: These are individuals who can immerse themselves in emotions. They may even have the ability to control other people’s emotional states as well. These readings are best advised for people who are sad, troubled or unhappy in some way, for they can give insights as to how to improve their emotional states as well.

Mediumship: These fantastic psychics are able to connect with their individuals who have passed away. This can help you connect with your near and dear ones, get answers to questions that you may have and provide you with much required closure.

Numerology: This is the study of numbers and how they can be applied to your life. A numerologist can take numbers from your birthdate and birthname to provide insight into your life.
Palmistry: This involves the study of your palm to discover insightful findings about your life.

Psychometry: This is a practice similar to clairvoyance, but these guys require objects or articles belonging to their clients to channel their powers and provide insightful discoveries regarding your life.

Tarot Readings: Tarot Cards are extremely popular nowadays. Tarot Readings involve the use of a Tarot Deck which contains 78 cards, all meant to help you gain insight into your life. The tarot reader is trained in recognising the meaning of each card with respect to their clients.

While this list itself may seem like an overwhelming number of the different types of psychic practices, believe me, there are many more in reality. But this will definitely be able to help you get started in this mystical, spiritual realm.