Questions to Ask a Psychic

What Questions Can I Ask a Psychic?

Oftentimes people don’t realize what they can and cannot ask a psychic. While they may not be able to discover the answers to your test, they can guide you and give you answers to a lot many other things. You need to be very specific when putting forth your questions. So you may ask questions like:

  • Is my significant other being faithful to me?
  • Will I ever find True Love?
  • Will I ever get married once I find my True Love?
  • When will I get pregnant?
  • Is this the right time to quit my job to start a new career?

A real psychic will be able to give you insightful answers and solutions to questions such as the above.

Frame the Best Questions

I am sure you are all extremely curious about how to frame a question. So here are some tips to keep in mind:

Prepare for what you wish to know. Make a list, if it helps. Getting caught up in the anxiety and anxiousness may not allow you to remember all that you are curious about. As a result, you may not end up getting what you need out of your reading. It is best to have a list while also adding new questions as they come to mind.

Make sure your questions are specific. Now that is an obvious one, vague questions will lead to vague answers. And when visiting a psychic, it is best not to leave confused, after all, you are visiting to discover something about your future, not leave more confused than ever!

While a yes or no question is easily answered, it is usually not very insightful. Think of questions that will help guide you further along, pick out questions that will give you greater understanding of some aspect of your life instead of simply receiving a flat reply. This is what may make all the difference for you.

Some Basic Questions to Ask Your Psychic Reader

Some of these questions may help guide you along what you wish to ask your psychic. They are general in nature and you are sure to find some among these that pertain to you.

  • Why am I not satisfied with my life?
  • How can I lead a better life, one filled with purpose and happiness?
  • Is my current partner the one for me?
  • How do I improve my present relationship?
  • How do I improve my financial situation?
  • Is my career the right one for me?
  • Is it advisable to give up my career right now to start a new one?
  • How do I improve my health?
  • What can I do to balance my health, mind and spirit better?

These questions will help to jump-start a discussion. As you begin, you will surely find other questions to ask along the way. They will give you good, analytical answers that help you gain insight into your life. The advice then received can be used to guide your future actions towards your desired goal. After all, who better to help than a psychic reader who already has a spiritual hand guiding them?